Quality Inspection & Audit

Inspection Contracting Est (IC) provide quality inspection services with well qualified certified inspectors of all discipline during the construction, manufacturing, production, packing, dispatch & handling, transportation, on-site erection, commissioning, process, turnaround and shutdown phase.

We serve the industry with the well qualified inspectors and execute inspections as per the norms of the industry, international standards and client standards. We are committed to deliver the highest quality technical service; assuring technical integrity and providing a quality report detailing findings in a timely manner. As the leading provider of independent industrial inspection services, IC is unique in its ability to quickly provide trained and qualified technical specialists all over the Gulf region to verify both product and process quality.

Onsite inspection, product quality during production, raw materials tests, handling and transportation of products or fabricated products, is a prerequisite for the successful accomplishment of projects in terms of time, quality, safety and cost-wise within the planned schedule. The client or the end-user want to be sure that the investment realization conforms to technical and quality documentation, agreement terms, regulations and valid standards. It should also be in accordance with the construction permit of the client, consultant, government authorities, law and environmental regulations. In order to ensure that all related documents are prefect as per standards and terms, IC as an independent third party, serve specialized inspectors and procedures to control and supervise construction processes. Inspection Contracting (IC) carries out independent and impartial examination, verification, validation and assessment on behalf of clients to ensure that systems, products are designed and constructed according to specification requirements or international standards.

Inspections include :

  • Quality audits, on-site construction quality inspection, documentation;
  • Production assessment visits, vendor inspection, vendor or manufacturer qualification, vendor audits;
  • Quality surveillance inspection, monitoring or witnessing of activities
  • Technical experts for the processing stage and plant operations
  • Quality documentation review
  • Quality Assurance Audit, Project Progress, Quality and Technical Audit
  • Supplier or manufacturer’s qualification; assessment of Vendor’s production facility and techniques
  • Field and desk expediting